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Our Legacy

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Our History

A place born of love for family, fun, fellowship…..and farming.

It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly the slice of paradise we like to call Hamstead Acres, LLC came to be what it is today. 

The land that is the home of Hamstead Acres, LLC came into the Ham Family over a century ago when Thede Ham purchased this part of the farm from Buckham Family.

Thede's son Howard inherited the land upon his father's passing, and proceeded to farm it with his wife Janice for nearly fifty years before retiring to the game of golf as his "work." Having grown up in the farm life, Howard and Janice's two children, Terri and Jay, both decided to settle down 
Over the course of the years, it has remained in the Ham Family, serving as a tobacco field, a cotton field, a soybean field, a driving range, and most recently the home of our venues. 

Though the landscape has changed quite a bit in the last century, the one thing that remains constant is the love within and surrounding the family that has been a part of it.

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Whether indoors or out, Hamstead Acres provides the perfect backdrop for that perfect day.

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Hamstead Acres is a wonderful venue for any event. We had our wedding here is March and I couldn't of asked for a more caring and dedicated
- Katy Conway, Snow Hill, NC
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