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Below you will find an abbreviated version of our venue policies for your reference.  If you have additional inquiries, or would like to schedule a tour, please contact us.

1) Booking A Date: 

A date will not be considered booked until 50% of the balance due listed on the invoice has been paid. The remaining balance will be due two weeks prior to the event date.


2)  Use of Tables & Padded Chairs:

We have a limited number of tables and padded chairs; use of these is included with the rental of Heritage Hall.  However, outdoor use of either the tables or chairs is not permitted.


3)  Catering:

Hamstead Acres does not have an on-site or required caterer when using the grounds. Therefore, you may have food catered by any company of your choosing.

4)  Alcoholic Beverages:

You may bring and serve your own beer and wine during your event.  There are no container restrictions. Liquor is allowed but the renter or the caterer will need to provide their own ABC permits.


5)  Smoking:

Smoking is not allowed inside Heritage Hall, but is permitted outdoors.  Please ensure that guests dispose of cigarette and cigar butts in the provided receptacles.


6)  Cleanup:

Cleanup following an event is the responsibility of the renter and/or caterer. If your party would like Hamstead Acres to be responsible for the cleanup an estimate can be provided for this service.


7)  Fees For Damages:

Hamstead Acres reserves the right to bill additional fees to cover repairs for any damage to venue/company property including, but not limited to: any rental item, tables and/or chairs, interior of heritage hall, and/or the grounds themselves.


8)  Cancellation:

In order to reserve a date for a wedding or other event, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due, with the remaining balance due two weeks prior to the event date. Cancellation at any time, for any reason will incur a service charge of 10% of the Amount that has been paid, with the remaining 90% of the payment returned to the renter if their reason for cancellation is deemed valid. Cancellations are granted strictly on a case-by-case basis after review by the management of Hamstead Acres.  If the reason for cancellation is deemed invalid, Hamstead Acres reserves the right to determine what percentage, if any, of the pre-paid amount should be returned to the renter.

9) Photography:

As a part of our ongoing promotion of our venue, we will ask if we may shoot our own limited photography of your event to be used on our website and in other marketing materials.  If this is acceptable, you will be asked to sign a release form permitting a member of our team to take photos at your event that would be pertinent for our use.  If you prefer that we not take photos of your event setup and décor, please notify a member of our staff.

10) Release from Liability:

Upon booking of a date and review of these policies, the renter agrees to hold harmless Hamstead Acres as well as its representatives against any losses, costs, damages and expenses resulting from claims for personal injury or property damage that occur between the date of booking and the end of the booked event, unless said injury or damage is determined to be the result of negligence on the part of Hamstead Acres. 

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